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Blogging Kalamazoo 2021: Session 388 - Reimagining "the Middle Ages"

Friday, May 14, 2021 - 17:04

This session definitely looks interesting, but I don’t plan to take detailed notes. Sorry. Just kind of worn thin, since I spent the last two hours finishing my podcast script for tomorrow and still need to record and edit it! That included skipping a session that superficially looked interesting (Queering Women of Medieval Scandinavia and Iceland) but the actual paper titles in that one looked far less interesting. And I really really needed to finish the podcast script.

I have to say that one through-line of this year’s conference has been a sincere attempt to address the racist potential of the field of medieval history and, if not always to redress that potential, at least to shine a light on it and recognize it.

Savage and Medieval in C. S. Lewis's Discarded Image - Thomas Peter Klein, PhD, Idaho State University

From "Tissues of Silk and Gold" to Fibers of the Harakeke: Re-Weaving the Medieval Past - Katie Robison, University of Southern California

Contact and Context: Dismantling the Myths of Medieval Settlement - Wallace Thomas Cleaves II, University of California at Riverside

Addressing Stereotypes with Public Outreach: The Viking Coloring Book Project - Dayanna Knight, Viking Coloring Book Project

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