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The Great November Book Release Re-Boot: Mother of Souls

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 07:00
Mother of Souls cover image

I felt so horrible about trying to do book promotion in the wake of the election in November that I felt like Mother of Souls didn't get a proper launch. So six months later, I'm going to spend all of May re-promoting books that were released in November, starting off with my own. I'll be including some books that people specifically requested me to cover, and for the rest it will simply be books that I think look interesting.

Mother of Souls is the third book in the Alpennia historic fantasy series. When most of 1820s Europe is threatened by the effects of a curse that locks the Alps in winter, Alpennia's thaumaturgists seek allies to find the source. And the most unexpected help may come from Serafina Talarico, an Italian-Ethiopian scholar from Rome who comes to Alpennia to study mysteries with Margerit Sovitre, and from Luzie Valorin, a widowed music teacher who aspires to write opera.

All your favorite characters from Daughter of Mystery and The Mystic Marriage return as politics, peril, and espionage blend with family drama and a touch of romance.

Liz Bourke at says: "[Mother of Souls] is a quiet book, not a flashy one. And Jones is ambitious in the kind of quiet stories she’s choosing to tell: it is an unusual choice in a fantasy novel to have the politics and sorcery, although an integral part of the story, come second (not co-equal with, but very definitely second) to character growth and development. Mother of Souls is an interesting novel, and a compelling one."

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