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Review of Daughter of Mystery

I loved studious, quietly determined Margerit and loyal, troubled Barbara, and the chemistry between them was magical. I loved how much they bonded over their shared intellectual curiosity, and I loved the way their relationship explored trust, obligation and power dynamics from a number of angles.

Starship Library, Starship Library
Review of The Mystic Marriage

Antuniet is an incredibly compelling heroine. It’s hard to find a really satisfying “unlikable” protagonist, especially a female one, but Antuniet hits all my major bullet points. Although she’s competent and remarkably self-sufficient, she nonetheless manages to sabotage her own cause repeatedly, mostly by virtue of her own stubbornness. ... Altogether the book is stuffed with mysticism, history, political intrigue, romance and character growth. It’s a rich and dense reading experience, different to any other book I can recall recently reading. I’ve heard it called “Jane Austen with lesbians” but that strikes me as misleading. Jane Austen, after all, wrote lowkey domestic romances contemporary to her time. Alpennia has more the feel of a classic adventure novel, although none of the characters but Barbara are particularly apt to physical confrontation and the main action of the novel is mental. It’s still a romance, and still guarantees a happy end, though the twists and turns on the way to that end changes its shape dramatically from where it began. An unusual but satisfying ending.

Hazel Gold, Hazel Gold sff game and book reviews
Review of Mother of Souls

The characters are interesting and complex and likable, and the 1820s European politics are well-grounded. I found it a very satisfying book, and a fitting follow-up to the previous two. I hope to see more in this world. Good fantasy doesn't have to be grimdark, really it doesn't! I'll confess to reading this one slowly, to make it last. Highly recommended.

Lis Carey, Lis Carey's Library
Review of Daughter of Mystery

This book managed to consistently confound my expectations. Every time I thought I knew what I was getting, I turned out to be wrong. ... I found this very compelling! I was so invested in the relationship between Barbara and Margerit, and I did manage to hand-sell this book to three people after I read it. If you like fantasy, Regency romances, and/or reading about characters piecing together history, I definitely recommend it.

Susan, The Lesbrary
Review of The Mystic Marriage

Jeanne and Antuniet are both very flawed characters...we see inside them both to the raw hearts, the wanting something better of themselves as well as the world, the need for a love neither ever got. It works terrifically. Pretty much the entire romantic conflict is grounded in nothing more than their difficult personalities and lifelong emotional habits that need to be broken, and as a result we get an intensely believable and hopeful romance. This is a long book and full scale fantasy...which includes alchemy, politics, friendship groups and plotting against royalty. ... It's a huge world which makes it a really immersive read, you can just sink in. And the alchemical magic is just fabulous.

K. J. Charles, Goodreads
Review of Daughter of Mystery

Daughter of Mystery is a fantastic read that’s an excellent balance between romantic tension, the struggles of navigating balls, young women running off to university, saintly magic, court intrigue, newfound enemies, and more. I highly recommend this book.

Shvaugn Craig, The Borrowed Bookshelf
Review of Daughter of Mystery

I didn’t know I needed a queer historical fantasy of manners with women becoming academics!

Shvaugn Craig, Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian
Review of Daughter of Mystery

The setting had a definite sense of weight and depth to it, and the politics was intriguing, if occasionally confusing. I was fascinated with the way religion and magic seemed to be intertwined, even as I worried that Margerit was happily and blindly heading towards being declared a heretic. ... I really enjoyed Daughter of Mystery and am looking forward to reading the next book.

A Library Girl, Familiar Diversions (personal blog)
Review of Mother of Souls

Heather has done a really great job of taking what we think we know about the world and beginning to crack it open a bit.... This is the book where the series truly comes into its own.

Denise Harwood, video review (YouTube)
Review of Daughter of Mystery

Following in the tradition of Ellen Kushner is Heather Rose Jones, whose Alpennia series takes a similarly alternative/fantastical 19th-century Europe and populates it with queer characters.

Lawrence Hogue, Queer Romance Month (blog series)