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December, 2018
A Book of Alpennia

This book is in the process of being written. I've created this entry so I can reference it in blog posts. The "publication date" is a place-holder and does not have any actual reality at this point.

Latest Blog Entry

I've rearranged the order the next several publications come in, because this one seemed like a good one to kick off the sequence of material on Asia. I feel very self-conscious about how thoroughly Euro-centric the majority of the Project is, but at the same time, I have many of the same limitations discussed in this article. In particular, I'm largely limited to material published in English. But I've added half a dozen new items to my to-do list and maybe they'll point me towards some other useful sources.

Meet the author

[Photo of Heather Rose Jones in a tree]

Heather Rose Jones writes fantasy, historic fantasy, and historical fiction, including the Alpennia series with swordswomen and magic in an alternate Regency setting. She blogs about research into lesbian-like motifs in history and literature at the Lesbian Historic Motif Project which provides inspiration for her fiction. She has a PhD in linguistics, studying metaphor theory and the semantics of Medieval Welsh prepositions, and works as an industrial failure investigator in biotech.

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Lesbian Historic Motif Project

My annotated bibliography blogging project looks at published research of interest to writing historic lesbian characters.

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