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LHMPodcast 14a: On the Shelf for September

Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 14:00

I've titled the first-week-of-the-month round-up podcast "On the Shelf" as a bit of a pun. On the one hand, it's referring to what books I have "on the shelf" to be covered in the blog, or talked about with our guest author. But it was also a term in the 19th century for a woman who was still unmarried at an age when society considered her too old to be an eligible bride. And, of course, a certain number of the women who were "on the shelf" were avoiding marriage to a man very deliberately.

In addition to a review of what the blog is covering, and an announcement of this month's author guest, the Ask Sappho segment takes a reader request for lesbian historical novels set during the US Civil War. (Due to a cut-and-paste error, the show notes repeat last month's question about the legal status of lesbianism through the ages.) Doing thematic book lists is a fun little project. What time period, culture, or historic topic would you like to see a list built around? I can't guarantee that I can find books on every possible topic!

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