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[This is additional textual source material as background for my paper "Passing and Failing: The Role of Clothing in Gender Disguise Narratives".]

Legendary Saints

Legenda Aurea (English from Caxton) - early Christian era but specific dating uncertain


Marina virgo unica erat patri suo : cum autem pater quoddam monasterium intrasset, mutavit habitum filiae suae, ut non femina, sed masculus videretur

Today I have a reader question from Andrei, who has kindly allowed me to answer in this blog:

I really enjoy your books. Lately I've been reading a history book on pre-Revolutionary France and it noted that the Christian message that was preached to the masses by the post-Reformation Catholic Church was one of a angry God, a God of vengeance and wrath that demanded penitence and misery. This sermon that Yves Michel Marchais delivered to his congregation in Western France in the 1780s is quite illustrative:

A few weeks ago, a writer friend asked for blog prompts and, based on an intersection of mutual interests, I suggested talking about exactly what was going on in 16th century Prague under Rudolf II that made it a fascinating place to write about. (My own intersection is that Antuniet Chazillen's book of alchemical gemstone secrets was written at that place and time.) As it happened, another writer and mutual friend stepped up to address the question, and the essay went live today. Check it out!

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