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The deadline is fast approaching, but here's another guest post from a LGBT SFF Storybundle author!

Tenea D. Johnson writes:

It’s a good time to read Smoketown. A place that’s given in to its own fears to the extent that its people are living an unnatural life in a restricted place doesn’t seem so extraordinary at the moment. But even in such places there’s still magic, and when enough people pursue their goals in spite of restriction they can change anything. They can change everything.

Only 2 more days to take advantage of the LGBT Science Fiction Storybundle! Although I'm not a contributor to the bundle, I offered to host promotional posts from bundle members to help spread the word. Here's a post from Geonn Cannon, who has been a regular in the Storybundles that Melissa Scott has put together.

Geonn's post:

It’s literally been a full year since I blogged, which is a shameful thing. But it makes what I’m posting today more important! Right? Maybe. We’ll see.

I offered to host guest-blogs for the LGBT+ SFF Storybundle that Melissa Scott organized this year -- only a little over a week left to take advantage of this great bundle! -- and she sent the following along for me to post. (It previously appeared on her own blog.)

Twice in the past, Melissa Scott has invited me to participate in a Storybundle promotion, which has been a great opportunity to reach new readers. But for readers, it's even a greater opportunity to try out authors you might not have encountered before in the company of authors you already love. I don't have a book in the Storybundle Melissa put together this year (it's focused on science fiction, which I haven't written...yet) but I'm pretty sure that my readers are likely to be interested in the sorts of books that she's included, so I offered to do some cross-promotion.

I've done the random drawing for the bonus book for Storybundle buyers. The lucky winners are: Louvelune, Kareina, LG, Andrea, and Abigail. I'll be contacting you by e-mail to confirm book and format for fulfillment. Thanks to everyone who partcipated, and to all the Storybundle buyers in general!

So here's the deal: we sold over 1000 Storybundle packages (in fact, over 1000 at the bonus level). To celebrate and thank the buyers for their support, I'm going to give away five (5) Alpennia e-books to randomly-selected bundle purchasers who comment on this post. If The Mystic Marriage (in the bundle) is your first introduction to Alpennia, I'd strongly suggest you try book #1 in the series (Daughter of Mystery).

You have just five more days to take advantage of this incredible Storybundle offer featuring speculative stories that feature and embrace LGBT+ characters by authors committed to good representation and solid storytelling. If you’ve already enjoyed even one of the featured books, it’s a good sign that you’ll like others. If you look at the list and spot even two that you’ve been meaning to read, then the bundle as a whole is already a bargain.

I don't usually highlight reviews in my blog (I have separate pages for that), but I woke up to a really lovely Goodreads review of The Mystic Marriage from fellow Storybundle author K.J. Charles. If you have ever wanted to try some incredibly well-writen historical fantasy featuring gay male protagonists, K.J.

The LGBT+ Bundle - Curated by Melissa Scott

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