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Review of Mother of Souls

Heather has done a really great job of taking what we think we know about the world and beginning to crack it open a bit.... This is the book where the series truly comes into its own.

Denise Harwood, video review (YouTube)
Review of Daughter of Mystery

Following in the tradition of Ellen Kushner is Heather Rose Jones, whose Alpennia series takes a similarly alternative/fantastical 19th-century Europe and populates it with queer characters.

Review of The Mystic Marriage

The Mystic Marriage has such court politics and machinations it's like a Ruritanian Game of Thrones.

Review of The Mystic Marriage

What I enjoyed the most were those four protagonists, each on with agency, each one with a purpose in life, who do not necessarily begin as friends, but who all know each other due to this also being a novel of manners, thus family and social connections are not only plot points but help define characters strengths, weaknesses and growth.

Review of The Mystic Marriage

The characters! The worldbuilding! The derring-do! The alchemy! The interesting magic system! The romance! (Neither sappy nor over-eroticized, bless you Ms. Jones.) Even the Alpennian language was well-thought-out! I DREW FAN ART, OKAY? ... If you’ve ever enjoyed Austen or Heyer or Susanna Clarke stop reading this blog and go buy the first one right now. 

E. M. Epps, personal blog
Review of The Mystic Marriage

Political intrigue, romance, and the challenges of Antuniet's alchemical research all intertwine to make an absorbing story.

Review of The Mystic Marriage

It did take me awhile to submerge into this world (possibly because of skipping to book 2) but once in and having got the characters clear in my head the novel had a a nice sense of intrigue and some moments of genuine tension. 

Camestros Felapton, personal blog
Review of Alpennia Series Bundle: 1-3

(Not a review, as such, although there are links to reviews. But some gorgeous art Shira commissioned for a promotion.)

The Alpennia books by Heather Rose Jones are everything I wanted when I was a teenager and I’m so happy they exist now–19th century costume drama fantasy taking place in a tiny imaginary country near France, Switzerland, and Italy, starring a bunch of lesbians who do magic or swordfight and also featuring bi women and a trans guy. The books are full of political intrigue, pretty clothing, all types of relationships between women from romantic to friendship to rival princesses.

Shira Glassman, tumblr
Review of The Mystic Marriage

The book runs in some well-worn grooves, but it is competently plotted and written. The characters are appealing; the suspense kept me turning pages. Also, there is kissing. A fine amusement.

James Nicoll, James Nicoll Reviews
Review of Mother of Souls

[Mother of Souls] is a quiet book, not a flashy one. And Jones is ambitious in the kind of quiet stories she’s choosing to tell: it is an unusual choice in a fantasy novel to have the politics and sorcery, although an integral part of the story, come second (not co-equal with, but very definitely second) to character growth and development. Mother of Souls is an interesting novel, and a compelling one. 

Liz Bourke,