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References to holding another person closely in the arms (whether or not in bed) where there are romantic or sexual implications from context. Note that depictions or descriptions of embracing may indicate a wide variety of interpersonal relationships and cannot be assumed to be romantic/sexual.

LHMP entry

Here Donoghue considers the literature that addresses sexual activity between women. In contrast to some claims, there are a number of home-grown English texts in this period that address non-penetrative sexual activities between women, and during the 18th century there seems to have been a regular dialog between French and English writing in this vein, with works in one language rapidly appearing in translation in the other.

There are many aspects of the history of homosexuality where an assumption of parallelism between the experiences of men and women leads to erroneous conclusions about what did and didn’t exist. For men seeking sexual experiences with men, there’s a fairly well documented history of networks, meeting places, and informal associations that helped them achieve their ends.


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