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Interviews and Guest Blogs

Sheena at The Lesbian Review interviews me for her podcast The Write Stuff. We talk about research and writing and I read an excerpt from The Mystic Marriage.

Writing Lesbian Fantasy: The Write Stuff

The Wellington (New Zealand) City Library recommends Daughter of Mystery in their Coming Out Day promotion.

Books for International Coming Out Day 2015: Wellington City Library

The Xena & Ubers podcast recommends Daughter of Mystery.

Book of the Week: Xena and Ubers

Tami Veldura interviewed me for her reader newsletter and allowed me to post the results in my LJ.

Interview by Tami Veldura: Tami Veldura

An audio interview with the hosts at Cocktail Hour Productions.

Conversations at the Bar: Cocktail Hour Productions

There are existing historic stories that need only a little tweaking for a lesbian happy ending.

Finding the Lesbians in Literature: 2015 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event

In writing historical lesbian fiction, how do you situate your characters within a community of their peers?

Alpennia and the Lesbian Historic Community: Women and Words

The interwoven community of women in the Alpennia novels.

A Web of Women: Dwelling in Probabilities

Writing historic fiction is like making lace in mid-air.

Punto in Aria: The Liz McMullen Show

What super power comes in handy for both fantasy novelists and root cause investigators?

My Super Power: Skiffy and Fanty