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We've come to the largest and most diverse set of LHMP tags: "People/Works/Events." It's taken me a while just to start organizing how I'm going to present these, and I've only barely started writing up the brief descriptions to accompany each one. So today's post is just a high-level overview. (I.e., I don't have anything else to post on LHMP day, so this is what you get.)

There's a new Lesbian Historic Motif Project podcast up on The Lesbian Talk Show. Check it out!

The correspondece of Addie Brown and Rebecca Primus reveals love between women in the African American community in post Civil War America.

I'm still considering whether I want to continue posting teasers for Mother of Souls now that it's out. They don't serve the same purpose now that people can actually go read the book, and it's getting harder and harder to pick interesting selections that don't include significant spoilers. So while I'm thinking about what I want to do with Writing Blog Tuesday, it seemed a good time to do a year-end summary of what I've produced this year. At this point, everything that's going to be published is out there.

Today's LHMP addition is a Tag Index Page for "Misc. Tags - Households, Relationships, and Groups". The set-up of this type of content page means I currently can't "embed" the index page itself in this blog post. Click through for the full content. Or check out the teasers below.

Today's LHMP addition is a Tag Index Page for "Misc. Tags - Identity, Sex, and Gender". The set-up of this type of content page means I currently can't "embed" the index page itself in this blog post. Click through for the full content. Or check out the teasers below. The tag display page currently has some technical issues that limit the number of entries displayed for each tag, but I hope to have that fixed soon. At the very least, it will give you a taste of what's available.

One of the features of the New! Improved! LHMP blog on the Alpennia website is the addition of extensive content tags so that visitors can search for specific types of content. But I and my website designers have been brainstorming over how best to make those tags available. The Cadillac version would be a set of additive filters so you could, for example, ask, "What does the LHMP have on 13th century Spain?" However this Cadillac version would take a fair bit of work and I wanted to roll out something in the near term.

This concludes my month-long trek through Faderman's Surpassing the Love of Men. Given the density of the information and the intersection of its importance (at the time of publication) and its now curiously dated feel, I don't begrudge the time spent. But I confess I'm looking forward to getting back to a once-a-week schedule for the LHMP posts!

There's a special Halloween episode of the Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast live at the Lesbian Talk Show: a discussion of Christina Rossetti's poem "The Goblin Market" in the context of 19th century literature with themes of lesbian-tinged decadent sensuality and predatory supernatural creatures. The podcast concludes with a reading of the entire poem. I think I'm finally starting to feel ok about listening to the sound of my own recorded voice!

The Lesbian Talk Show, which hosts my Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast episodes, is doing a holiday special series currently, with special episodes of regular shows and additional episodes that mix and match the regular contributors.


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