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Complexity and ambiguity is a hard thing to depict in overviews of history. People have an uncomfortable desire to get "the real story" with the implication that there's a single story.

I'm experimenting with some new tech in the context of this blog. Not "new" as such, but applied in new ways. Writing up long entries like this one has traditionally meant taking notes on post-its as I read, then transcribing them into electronic format. (Plus cleaning up my typing and reviewing for sense, given that the post-its are often disjointed and repetitive.) I've been meaning to take another look at speech-to-text systems that could eliminate at least one of those processes and experimented on this entry.

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 175 - Interview with Nyri Bakkalian- transcript

(Originally aired 2020/09/12 - listen here)

A transcript of this episode is pending.

Show Notes

An interview with Dr. Nyri Bakkalian about her historical research and her cross-time novel.

In this episode we talk about:

So I'd love to say something really clever in this introduction, but it's 110F currently and my brain has melted.  You'll have to wait for cooler temperatures for me to be clever.

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 9 - The Travels and Adventures of Mademoiselle de Richelieu - transcript

(Originally aired 2017/04/29 - listen here)

I apologize for the length of this blog (which is why I'm posting it by itself rather than doing all of Part 2 of the book in one go), as well as for some of the repetitiveness (which reflects repetitiveness in the book). Written in haste during my coffee break...

As noted in Monday's blog, I'm giong to post the sections of this work on a somewhat irregular schedule as I finish them. The writeups are too long for a single post, but I don't want this series of four books to drag out for months on end. So I won't quite complete one book per week. Maybe one every two weeks.

Having finished up the long list of journal articles acquired in my last trip to the JSTOR terminal at the U.C. Berkeley library, back in the Before Times, rather than continue my original plan to read some more theory oriented books, I've lined up four books generally on the theme of the intersection between friendship and desire in the last four centuries. (Primarily, as usual, focusing on England/France and a bit of the USA in the later part of the scope.)

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 173 (previously 49e) - Your Fingers Like Pen and Ink by Jeannelle M. Ferreira - transcript

(Originally aired 2020/08/29 - listen here)

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 174 (previously 50a) - On the Shelf for September 2020 - Transcript

(Originally aired 2020/09/05 - listen here)

Welcome to On the Shelf for September 2020.

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