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Cover of Sword and Sorceress 21
November, 2004

Ashóli and Eysla come to the city of Wilentelu to sell horses, but if they want to stay they must bargain with the city's ruler.

Cover of Schlangenschwester (German edition of Sword and Sorceress 15)
September, 2001

German translation of "Skin Deep".

Cover of Silberschwester (German edition of Sword and Sorceress 14)
February, 2001

German translation of "By the Skin of her Teeth".

Cover of Sonnenschwester (German edition of Sword and Sorceress 13)
May, 2000

German translation of "More Than One Way".

Cover of Sturmschwester (German edition of Sword and Sorceress 12)
January, 2000

German translation of "Skins".

Cover of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Worlds
January, 1998

When the battle turned, she sacrificed herself to let her people escape. But even as a prisoner, she may prove victorious.

Cover of La Leggenda del Santo Graal
January, 1998

Italian translation of "The Treasures of Britain".

Cover of Sword and Sorceress 15
January, 1998

You can't go home again. And that went double for Eysla, after Ashóli broke the rules of the Kaltaoven and created a skin-song for one not of the tribe.

Cover of Sword and Sorceress 14
March, 1997

Laaki has taken on an apprentice skinsinger, but when a stranger takes refuge in the village, Ashóli has her own idea of how best to help.

The Chronicles of the Holy Grail cover
September, 1996

The women of Arthur's court have a different definition of bravery than his warriors do.

Cover of Sword and Sorceress 13
July, 1996

Laaki and her charges are offered a new home in a Kaltaoven village, but someone will go to great lengths to prevent it.

Cover of Sword and Sorceress 12
May, 1995

To save two boys from a sorcerer who wants their magic skin-cloaks, Laaki must decide what she's willing to sacrifice.