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Kalamazoo Book Intake Part 5

Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 07:00

I'm still stretching the definition of "Kalamazoo books" a little here. The first book was neither purchased nor marked for purchase at the conference, but I was given the reference by someone at my session for inclusion in the expanded version of my paper.

Sturges, Robert S. (trans). 2015. Aucassin and Nicolette: A Facing-Page Edition nd Translation. Michigan State University Press, East Lansing. ISBN 978-1-61186-157-0

  • One of the medieval French romances that includes a cross-dressing heroine. I'd skipped tracking down this text for my presentation because I didn't know that there was a facing page translation available and I had to prioritize texts I could easily find translations for.

Owen, Morfydd E. and Dafydd Jenkins (eds). 2017. The Welsh Law of Women. (Second edition) University of Wales Press, Cardiff. ISBN 978-1-78683-159-0

  • I have the original edition of this collection of papers, but there is some updated and new material in this edition. The topic is near and dear enough to my heart that it was worth updating my library.

Morrison, Susan Signe. 2017. A Medieval Woman's Companion. Oxbow Books, Oxford. ISBN 978-1-78570-079-8

  • A sourcebook of brief biographies of women in a variety of fields. In addition to general interest in women's history, it has a chapter on crossdressing motifs and their social context.

Still waiting on the backordered books from Boydell, and the books from University of Toronto Press.

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