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Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Episode 21b - Interview with Alyssa Cole

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 07:00

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 21b - Interview with Alyssa Cole - (transcript not available)

(Originally aired 2018/04/14 - listen here)

A series of interviews with authors of historically-based fiction featuring queer women.

In this episode we talk about

  • Alyssa’s novella “That Could Be Enough” in Hamilton’s Battalion
  • How Alyssa, Courtney Milan, and Rose Lerner brainstormed up the anthology
  • How the musical Hamilton inspired the collection
  • Writing marginalized identities in historical romance
  • Researching historic New York City
  • The surprising acceptance of some same-sex couples in 18th century America
  • The distinction between “historical accuracy” and “historical average” in developing characters
  • Alyssa’s favorite historical writers and how Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog sent her inspiration in different directions

Publications mentioned:

Hamilton’s Battalion by Courtney Milan, Rose Lerner, and Alyssa Cole

“Be Not Afraid” by Alyssa Cole in For Love & Liberty: Untold love stories of the American Revolution - the story of Andromeda’s grandparents

Root and Branch: African Americans in New York and East Jersey by Graham Russell Gao Hodges

Charity and Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America by Rechel Hope Cleves

A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole - A secondary character in this book is a non-binary woman who is a sapeur, a “dandy”, and who will have a f/f romance in a forthcoming book

Anne of the Wild Rose Inn by Jennifer Armstrong - an early inspiration for Alyssa’s historical interests

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